只管來SATO吧 さとにきたらええやん come on home to sato



或以紙仔填寫個人資料亦可 (留意政府人員會即時致電大家的電話號碼以核實資料)

warm reminder:

due to uncertainties in confirming the screening venue of come on home to sato on the 16th may, please be informed with the latest news and arrangements, by signing up for the event here

oh~~~ since the venue is a government-managed space, please be wellllll-noted that everyone is required to enter by scanning the ‘leavehomesafe’ mobile app, or you may choose to jot down you personal information on a piece of paper (the staff would check by immediately calling you up!).

參考資料:了解更多—兒童里(kodomo no sato)所在的大阪西成區

預告 trailer:

director, cinematographer: yoshiki shigee | music: shingo★nishinari | japanese (chinese and english subtitles) | 2015 | japan | 100 mins. | colour

kamagasaki, located in nishinari-ku (district) of osaka, is known as “the city of day labourers”. since the economic growth in japan in the 1960s-70s, the area has been home to many transient / precarious workers and working class labourers. 

《只管來sato吧》描繪了位於釜ヶ崎的兒童館「兒童里」(kodomo no sato) 。從最初由宗教團體設立的兒童遊樂場、臨時收容所,到後來成為政府認可並資助的非營利兒童之家,兒童里在四十多年間,一直免費為有需要的家庭提供社區照顧。
come on home to sato depicts the children’s home, kodomo no sato, located in kamagasaki. from a children’s playground and emergency shelter started by a religious group, to a non-profit organization recognized and sponsored by the government, kodomo no sato has been providing free community care to needy families for more than 40 years.

quite a number of children in kodomo no sato have parents who work as transient / precarious workers in the area. mindful of workers’ needs, kodomo no sato is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accommodating the needs of carers with unstable working hours. they also provide foster care for children, creating breathing space for helpless parents. 

children who spend their childhood at kodomo no sato, or even parents, might have traumatic experiences in their family relationship. through interactions with kids, staff and other parents, also in activities connecting with the community, they learn to get along with people in a safe environment; and to figure out where they stand in kodomo no sato, in family, and in the community.

kodomo no sato works from the needs of neighbours, in such a humanistic way. considering from the angle of grassroot organization, what kind of collective power kodomo no sato has created for grassroots community? what kind of social relationship has been established?

what we also want to discuss is, starting from the 1960s, japan has had increasing double-working parents. japanese government set up child care centres all over the country, and let parents fight for japan’s economy without having to worry about the after-school care of their children. going through the 1980s, the number of free and public child care centres have been decreasing. the number of private child care centres has surged since the 2000s. when a government puts less resources on operating public child care centres, what are the effects on grass-root communities?

hong Kong’s community care services are barely keeping up with demand. present care systems are unable to meet the needs of caregivers. what can be learnt from the film?


大阪市西成區釜ヶ崎(kamagasaki),一個被稱為「日雇型勞工集中地 」的地方。在這裡,有一所屹立了38年仍在運作的社福機構「こどもの里(小朋友的村莊)」。



透過「こどもの里」,拍攝足以淹沒鏡頭的小孩子,捕捉了釜ヶ崎這個地方魅力之處的是,住在大阪的重江良樹(Yoshiki Shigee)導演。以無償的身份來到「こどもの里」後,更是傾盡所有地收集題材,完成了他這部處女作。






(六 sat)
2:30pm 一拳書館 
九龍深水埗大南街169至171號大南商業大廈 3/F全層
Book Punch
3/f tai nam commercial building, no.169-171 tai nam st, sham shui po

(日 sun)

2:30pm 天水圍天暉路社區會堂
tin fai road community hall
tin fai road, tin shui wai, new territories

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